Misc 12/01/2021

Catalonia registers highest number of confirmed daily infections since the beginning of the pandemic: 6,981

86 deaths are reported on the day Effective Potential Growth rises 63 points (609) and hospital pressure increases

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Un home jubilat passejant per Barcelona en una imatge d’arxiu.

BarcelonaAccording to the Department of Health, the covid-19 pandemic continues to advance in Catalonia. This Tuesday, Health has notified 6,981 new infections confirmed by PCR or antigen test, representing the highest number of confirmed daily positives since the beginning of the pandemic (until now, the highest was 6,125 reported on November 2, 2020). The data, however, may be the cause of the weekend effect, since only 2,075 new cases were reported on Sunday and 1,075 on Monday. The evolution of the next few days will tell us whether it is the case, or rather a consequence of the increase in social gatherings over the holidays.

Pressure rises in hospitals

In addition, 86 new deaths caused by the virus have also been reported. And all this on a day when hospital pressure continues to rise: 62 more hospital beds are taken (2,445) and 7 more patients are in ICU (477).

Effective Potential Growth has risen 63 points (to 609) and the rate of infection is the same as yesterday (1.21). The Health Department has indicated that there are already 76,187 people vaccinated in Catalonia, 7,881 more than yesterday.