Table for two

50 romantic restaurants to have a date in Barcelona

Here is a long list of diverse places to celebrate love

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Two glasses of wine at Pepa, a wine bar, on Aribau Street in Barcelona.

People often ask me for restaurants where they can go on a date. So in this news item, made with a vocation for service, you will find 50 proposals. I hope someone makes the weight of it.

A clarification and a curiosity. The clarification: romanticism goes by neighborhoods, so I have tried to group restaurants by theme, although many could appear in several categories. Curiosity: I asked ChatGPT which was the most romantic restaurant in Catalonia, and it told me El Celler de Can Roca. It would be a long-awaited event, since people usually wait a year to go. Well, then, we begin:

To toast at the beginning

Wine bars are usually places that ask for an appointment through the four walls. In Barcelona there are four that I would highlight because they succeed. The first is the Pepa (Aribau, 41): There are some perfect tables for a date where you have the impression of intimacy, but at the same time it is a happy and fun place. In the heart of Born there is another winner: The soul of wine (Vigantans, 8). They don't accept reservations and you know when you enter, but not when you leave (besides, they have Corominas potatoes, and that seduces a Badalonesan like me). He Denassus (Blai, 53), would be the third option, in Poble Sec. They have tables for two people inside, and, if you are one of those who prefers a terrace, a comfortable one on a pedestrian street. Lastly, the Macot (Violante of Hungary Queen of Aragon, 150), in Sants. A small and cute place that will give you the climate you are looking for. The four places not only stand out for the wine, they eat very well.

The best of lighting

These places are perfect because they generate a favorable climate thanks to careful lighting. From more informal to less. Let's start in Poblenou, in Can Recasens (Rambla de Poblenou, 102). There are those little lights that they have wanted so much to imitate in other places, but they have not known how to do it with as much grace as here. Quality sausage and cheese. We continue to The Brilliant, an explosion of Latin food made to order and with impressive drinks. It is located in Gracia (Bretón de las Herreros, 18). We continue in the Carmel neighborhood, in theWild (Funoses-Llussà, 2), it is worth going to this restaurant and discovering this gem. And finally, two restaurants top which are practically one in front of the other: the Copper, and theHyssop (both in the Marimon passage). If you choose any of these last three, it means that you put everything on the grill, especially at Hisop, which, despite being affordable for what it is, is still a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Let the air pass

Open spaces can be very romantic when the weather is nice. Since it looks like the rain won't be with us anytime soon, here are three options: Coffee Fragments in the Plaza de la Concordia, in Les Corts, with a brutal patio and a new menu in which they have raised the gastronomic bar a little more. The classic of classics Robi Red (Séneca, 20), with a beautiful garden and Catalan cuisine bordering on perfection. He finds it in Gracia. And if what you want is fish, ask for a table on the terraceFishermen, in Plaza Prim, in Poblenou. You will hardly find a better fish in the oven in a peaceful space like this.

Italy, the country of love

That Italian gastronomy can be a great accomplice (not suitable for celiacs) is evident. So we make a quick list of good restaurants that can do the deed: classic in style we have the Rafaelli Ristorante, in Gràcia (Luís Antúnez,11), and the Gravin, in Born (behind Palau, 3). Then, somewhat more informally, there would be Le Cucine Mandarosso, near the Palau de la Música (Verdaguer and Callís, 4), the Bacaro, behind the Boquería (Jerusalem, 6), and the Cachaca, in the Gòtic (Calle de Ataulfo, 5). Of a more modern nature, we have the Bar Lombo (in Plaza Cardona) or the Gasoline (passage from Pere Calders, 6). Lastly, the Xemei, in Poble-sec, has many fans (exhibition walk, 85).

Nice restaurants

If what you want is to surprise with a space with character, you can go to soma (Provenza, 179), which would be like a Parisian bistro, without setting foot in France. The cuisine is Mediterranean, yes. Or if not, you can score a point and go to the jok (Mallorca,275). It is a main attraction in Eixample that makes you imagine what it would be like to live there. It has a beautiful patio, the food is very good, and the cocktails are 10. Besides, it has the funny thing that you can't see it from the street and it seems like you're going to a clandestine place.

Sharing is love

Because the concept saucers It is a term that does not reach the ceiling in Barcelona gastronomy, and having to agree to choose the dishes can be a first game or red flag, here I propose three places where you can't go wrong choosing. The game is called, everything is good. In San Antonio, the Impolite (Manso, 54), and, in Gràcia, theExtra Bar, (Torrent de l'olla, 79) and touching Diagonal, but in a charming street, the Berbena, (Minerva, 6).


If you want to eat Asian, to get away from croquette and bravas, here is a list. From most affordable to most expensive (because they are already high-class restaurants). In the Gothic, the sushibar Kynoto (Correu Vell, 8), in Poble-sec, the Xica House (Calle de la Francia Xica, 20), alerts with its super offer of natural wines. And to put on a bit of a show, you can go to the Carlota Akaneya (Pintor Fortuny, 32), it's a barbecue sumibiyakiand it can be fun. If not, you can go toAlapar, (Lleida, 5), which is a izakaya but with a Mediterranean soul. Or the Two Chopsticks, (Elisabtes,9), which at this point in the film needs no introduction.

Tell him with cheese

I think cheese goes very well with a date. If you want a silver with diversity, your place is the library, in Gràcia (Guilleries, 10). If you are looking to dip bread in the fondue, two options in Born: The short tail, (Calle de la Carassa) and La Carassa (Brosolí, 1).

The sea, the sea

For many people, the sea is synonymous with well-being and encourages a leisurely encounter. So directly on the sand, on the promenade, we find Ca la Nuri. Ask for one of the boards in the first line. Right next to the Maremagnum, above the Real Club Marítimo de Barcelona, ​​it has the luminous Fiskebar, a Nordic-inspired Mediterranean restaurant. If what you want is to see the sea, but not be close, we must go further up. You can make a fine meal in the High Seas Tower, next to the cable car. Or in Montjuïc, where you can go to make a paella in the Martinez Terrace, or simply some bravas at the bar Miramar Terrace.

There is life beyond Barcelona

Obviously there are a lot of places outside of Barcelona, ​​the list could be endless. Here you have a dozen. In Besalú, The Old Bridge with its privileged outdoor tables. In Cadaqués, the table with the most desired balcony is in It's Baluard. Try to get that table. In Llafranc there are two restaurants nearby that have privileged views: The lighthouse (which is also a hotel, good to know) and the Japanese Nomo Lighthouse. To get there you only need to look for the San Sebastián lighthouse.

Without leaving the sea breeze, on Aiguablava beach we find the Touch in the sea, a simple site that has it all. The restaurant Portal, in Tossa de Mar, is not on the seafront, but it is an informal place with delicious tapas.

The backyard, in Peratallada, it is one of those that I have not been to yet and I am dying to step on. Your patio is an oasis by day, and a fantasy by night. They also have a hotel, so you can do the combo blade.

If we go towards Vallès, in Bellaterra you will find theEbony, elegant as he alone and, in Sabadell, the restaurant While it goes around the corner, an original place with a lot of love for wine.

If we go south, in Valls is the Portal 22, which is charming, and, in Tarragona, two steps from the cathedral, the colorful Mexican restaurant Frida.

And finally, in the Ebro Delta, the place would be Musclarium. It is a restaurant located on a floating platform of a mussel farm. It is easy to get to a small boat, and you can taste mussels, oysters and wine above the sea.