The horizon on the table

Eight restaurants with stunning views in Barcelona

Unusual points of view and surprising perspectives to distract yourself while eating

Joana Costa
5 min
The Terrazas Bar Lounge of the Hotel La Florida.

A few days before the official end of the holidays for the vast majority of mortals, the desire to hold on is greater than ever. That is why we propose restaurants that are located in enclaves where you can eat while breathing fresh air and at the same time you can see things – literally – in perspective before rolling up your sleeves and getting back to work.

Views of the Barcelona port

From the highest part of the city, on the Montjuïc mountain, the Studio Miramar restaurant, in the hotel of the same name, allows you to disconnect from the city and do so in absolute silence and calm. Its terrace allows you to enjoy haughty views of the Mediterranean Sea in its most port area, all surrounded by the green of the magical mountain. This establishment has contemporary, seasonal and local market cuisine and offers a different restaurant depending on the moment. To eat, for example, on the terrace, you can taste tapas, such as anchovies from l'Escala or caprese salad, as well as salads and dishes such as bombs in brava sauce or an assortment of cheeses, and hot pasta-based dishes, among others. .

Views from the Studio of the Miramar Hotel.

The city at the feet

At the same height as Tibidabo there is a very well-located restaurant that has the best views of the Catalan capital: Las Terrazas Bar & Lounge, at the Gran Hotel La Florida. It is a space that allows you to feel like a god, with all of Barcelona at your feet. And rightly so, since in addition to being a restaurant it is the pool area of ​​the five-star luxury hotel. Here, in addition to hearing the cries of fun from Tibidabo's most daring attractions and seeing the park's mythical plane up close, you can breathe absolute tranquility and calm, as it is surrounded by the green mass of Collserola trees. Having lunch here you can spend time in silence enjoying the views or playing to find out where each icon of the city is located. The gastronomic bet consists of local tapas with international touches (there is both Norwegian salmon and Andalusian-style squid) and meat and rice, which are the stars of this restaurant that, yes, is not too cheap.

Dinner with perspective

If what we are considering is a dinner and not a meal, there is also a place in Barcelona to have a great meal outdoors with the city at your feet. This is the Fabra Observatory and its Dinners with Stars themes. This space has a wide variety of menus to choose from, in a gastronomic activity that takes place during the summer months in one of the most privileged viewpoints in the city. The evening begins with a meal designed in an astronomical key, served on the building's terrace. Afterwards, the session continues with a scientific dissemination conference and a visit to the museum, the Noucentista room and the step telescope. And you end up accessing the large dome, where original elements still exist.

Dinners with stars from the Fabra Observatory.

Under the nose of Gehry's Fish

On the very first line of Barceloneta, and in front of Gehry's emblematic Peix, symbol of post-Olympic Barcelona, ​​is the Marina Restaurant, of the Hotel Arts. With an infinity pool area and a bar next to it, this space is a pearl on the seashore and, in fact, it is impossible to look out over the water without getting your feet wet. As it could not be otherwise, this establishment offers a menu inspired by coastal cuisine, fresh and with seasonal products, so that here you will eat rice and cocktails, but you can also enjoy this small and sophisticated oasis to last until sunset.

Views of the Marina Restaurant of the Hotel Arts.

touching sand

Also facing the sea, but in this case stepping on the beautiful sand (if you want, since the space has three levels of terrace), the Castelldefels restaurant Tibu-Ron Beach Club is one of those places that both in the Summer as well as winter make you feel in your heart the transcendence of living in just a seat. Putting your feet in the sand is an exercise in freedom, but sitting inside surrounded by enormous stained glass windows is also priceless. The food is excellent and invites you on a journey where no helmsman is needed: palm trees, golden sand and the blue horizon are the guides. Obviously, coastal cuisine is the protagonist. As a suggestion, lunch can be finished with a cocktail on the establishment's rooftop terrace, from where you can appreciate the beauty of the Bajollobregatina coast and enjoy an ultra-relaxing sunset.

Collserola from the Glòries

Absolutely dominating the Plaza de las Glòries from one of the 22@ skyscrapers, the Tope restaurant, at the top of The Hoxton, overlooks Collserola, which with the sun setting behind the mountain is absolutely silhouetted by the backlight, in above the Plaza de las Glòries and accompanied by the imposing Torre Agbar. Now, this terrace also faces the sea, since it is a space with several slopes in the heart of Poblenou. In addition to the Torre Agbar and the Plaza de las Glòries in progress, from this restaurant you can see icons such as the Sagrada Família and the waters of the Mediterranean. As for teak, its gastronomic proposal is a taqueria with Mexican-inspired tastes and cocktails, plus wines and beers. The tacos and Pancakes Homemade ones have slow-cooked meat, roasted vegetables and various sauces. Everything is informal so they don't stop taking selfies around them.

Views of the Agbar Tower in Tope, at the Hoxton Hotel.

Overlooking Gaudí's magnum opus

In the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, the highest floor of the Hotel Sir Victor, called The Rooftop, has a very lively restaurant at night, and from which you can enjoy spectacular views of much of the city's magnum opus. Antoni Gaudí, in particular the Casa Milà and the Sagrada Família. In addition to occasionally holding themed weeks in the gastronomic field, such as around Greek food, this space has an assortment of fresh Mediterranean-inspired dishes, where you can make both a brunch, like eating or having a drink at sunset. Apart from a very interesting international atmosphere, this is an ideal space to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with sunset colors that is enlivened by DJ sessions based on soul, deep and organic house as the hours go by.

The Rooftop Restaurant.

To breathe the Costa Brava

Less than an hour from Barcelona, ​​the Santamar Restaurant, on the Santa Cristina beach in Lloret de Mar, is a space to soak up the Costa Brava without getting overwhelmed by tourism, and do so just a few kilometers from the city. Inside the Hotel Santa Marta and surrounded by a pine forest iconic of the area's landscape, this seasonal restaurant next to the water offers fresh grilled fish and a quiet atmosphere, to enjoy a good conversation and the noise of the waves of the sea. Legend says that in this space the sea and mountains were invented, and currently its menu revolves around barbecue and local fish, such as lobster, crayfish, carabineros, turbot, Blanes prawns and lobster.

A beach to discover

Leaving on the other side of Barcelona and just 40 minutes by car, the La Terrassa del Mar restaurant at the Hotel Meridien Ra, on the Costa Daurada, is an oasis to transport you to calm. Its views open over the beach between Calafell and El Vendrell, and offer an unknown space without crowds. The restaurant suggests fresh and seasonal dishes, with lots of fish and especially Mediterranean proposals, such as tomato, strawberry and fresh cheese salads; seasonal fruit gazpacho with vinegar; Grilled squid with vegetables, and various rice and noodles, as well as grilled fish of the day.