Freedom of expression
Culture 12/02/2021

"It's not slander, it's just telling it as it is": Pablo Hasél dedicates a new rap to Sánchez's government and Felipe VI

The musician has until this Friday at 8 pm hand himself in

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BarcelonaThese could be Pablo Hasél's last hours in freedom. Before entering prison to serve a 9-month sentence for glorification of terrorism and insults to the Crown, the musician has published a new song dedicated "to the so-called progressive government that has perpetuated repression, that gets nervous when the streets are filled by freedom of expression; they promised to do something again, and it has all gone up in smoke". "They are trying to stop the mobilisation but only through mobilisation will we win".

The rap talks again about the Bourbon kings, this time about Felipe VI. It begins with a recent statement by the monarch in which he says that "without freedom of expression and information there is no democracy". Hasél answers: "Hey, tyrant, it's not just about your father; let the republican cry pierce your eardrums". And also: "We fight your murderous policy, it is you who glorify terrorisms. With terror you want others to change their message, justice unhinges you as botox unhinges Letizia. This rap will sound like stones against Vox, f*ck you, even Joan Manel Serrat demands my freedom". The musician criticises the Crown and also police brutality and refers to the social differences between queues at food banks and kings. "You can't bear not controlling all of the masses. This is not slander, it is telling it is as it is. You fascist, we are not the domesticated Iglesias, we are the anger that aspires to the revolution, and not anesthetics".

In the last few hours there have been signs of support for the musician. Several entities announced mobilisations in case the police take the musician to jail, since he has announced that he will not turn himself in and that they will have to "kidnap" him. He is also asking for more shows of solidarity to "stop this serious attack on our freedoms"