Windstorm forces ski resorts to close halfway through bank holiday weekend

Boí Taüll and Vallter cannot open and others only open some slopes

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Some skiers in Port Aisne have braved the wind and did not want to miss the opportunity to continue to use the slopes.

BarcelonaThe snow season has just begun, but the windstorm of recent days has altered some ski resorts' forecast for this long weekend. The strong wind that have affected the Pyrenees this Monday, together with the storm, have had an adverse effect on the ski slopes in Lleida and Girona. In fact, neither Boí Taüll nor Vallter 2000 have been able to open their facilities. Others have only been able to open some parts: in most cases under half of the slopes were open. For example, in Port Ainé only six of the 25 slopes were open and in Espot only nine of the 22 slopes. Molina-Masella had a similar situation because only 24 of the 68 slopes were able to open and not even Baqueira Beret, in Vall d'Aran, has been able to open all its pistes.

Although Monday was hit by bad weather, many skiers defied the wind and did not want to miss the opportunity to continue using the slopes that remained open. The wind should no longer be an issue in the coming days, although meteorological services have warned of a high risk of avalanches.

The strong winds and snowfall have affected roads, especially in Berguedà, and snow chains were needed throughout the Lleida Pyrenees. In addition, the emergency services had to carry out several mountain rescue operations, all of them affected by the snow.

The Pic de l'Orri, the highest point of Port Ainé, closed to skiers because of the wind.

Alert for returning traffic

Although it seems the weather will improve in Catalonia, Spanish transport authorities have asked people who are on vacation in the northern half of Spain to head home earlier, as heavy snow is expected as of Wednesday. Authorities warned motorways as well as smaller roads could be affected. Authorities have asked residents of northern Spain to cancel non-essential travel and have warned winter tyres and chains may be required to use certain roads. In addition, certain vehicles may not be allowed if weather forecasts are met.