Public Health Commission backs booster for over-40s and AstraZeneca vaccinees

Unvaccinated will still be given priority

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The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, at a press conference.

MADRIDThe Public Health Commission has authorised the third dose for the over-40s and people who received the AstraZeneca jab. The body thus endorses and extends the inter-territorial council's proposal, which only included the over-50s. All booster doses will be administered 6 months after the last dose, except for AstraZeneca vaccinees. They will be eligible only 3 months after their last jab.

Spain is not the only country to choose to administer booster jabs in the face of the increase in cases caused by the omicron variant. Rich countries such as Germany, the United States and France have taken the same line. In fact, in late November the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommended a third dose for the over-40s.

Even so, the Public Health Commission recommends "prioritising" vaccination among minors, the unvaccinated or vulnerable people who have not received a booster, such as the over-60s. In addition, they urge anyone having received the Janssen vaccine to get a booster jab.

Childhood vaccination

Thursday's decision coincides with the start of the vaccination of 5 to 11-year-olds. The Public Health Commission agreed that the child vaccination campaign would start at the same time throughout the State, thanks to the 1.3 million doses that arrived in Spain on Monday. In this sense, the ministry has reported that in early January a second shipment of 2 million doses will arrive. The authorities hope to vaccinate 3.3 million children with one dose in the next eight weeks.