Government does not plan to extend curfew beyond January 21st

It sees a "deceleration" of the pandemic but does not set any horizon for lifting nighttime leisure restrictions

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La Rambla in Barcelona during the curfew.

BarcelonaIf there is no radical turn of events, Catalonia will no longer have a night curfew as of January 21 and free circulation will return. This has been announced this Tuesday by government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, who has argued that the Generalitat has taken this decision because it expects the sixth wave to "peak" shortly and that, from then on, a new phase of "deceleration" of the pandemic will begin. In spite of this, the Catalan executive does not yet foresee lifting other restrictions and does not set a horizon to stop limiting meetings to 10 people or to put an end to the measures affecting the nightlife sector.

The decision to establish a curfew in the previous round of restrictions raised quite a stir, since it was not part of the recommendations made by the experts consulted by the Catalan government before making the decisions. Even so, the Generalitat went ahead with it and Catalonia's High Court backed it. Plaja said the government made a positive assessment of the curfew because it considered that it had to "limit mobility" at a time when the data were rising in an "exorbitant" way.