PSOE maintains its lead and Cs is close to disappearance, according to CIS poll

Ciudadanos polls at 4% and Unidas Podemos loses 0.6%

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Inés Arrimadas

MadridCIS January poll broadly maintains the PSOE's lead over the PP but points to a novelty, which is that Ciudadanos may have already entered an irreversible process of disappearance. In a single month the party has gone from an estimated vote of 5.9% to only 4%, that is to say, it has lost a third of its support. PSOE remains in the lead with an estimated 28.5% share of the vote, half a point more than in December, while the PP also rises 7 tenths and stands at 21.5%, seven percentage points behind the socialists

In third place comes Vox, with 14.7%, one tenth more than a month ago, and in fourth place is United Podemos, which also suffers a significant drop of six tenths to 13.1%. Among Catalan parties, the recovery of ERC stands out, which goes from 2.5% of the share to 3%, while Junts remains at 1.4% and CUP drops one tenth to 0.7%. Más País also registers an important increase, from 2.2% to 2.8%.

Thus, what can be observed is that the PP and Vox have not profited from the decomposition of Cs, since they only rise 8 tenths between the two whilst Ciudadanos loses 1.9 points. Therefore, the triple right bloc drops 1.1 points overall and the left bloc, PSOE and Unidas Podemos, only loses one tenth.

As for the favorites to be president at the moment, Pedro Sánchez remains the favourite with 20.5% with Yolanda Díaz as second with 15.7%. This percentage is a lot higher than Unidas Podemos's projected vote share. The percentage of socialist voters who prefer Díaz ahead of Sánchez as president is striking, 18.7%. On the other hand, Pablo Casado is only preferred by 10% of Spaniards, with Santiago Abascal close on his heels with 8%.