Misc 14/01/2021

Valencia: Hospitalisations rise to 2,993, of which 440 in ICU

Region registers 6,207 new positive results and 57 more deaths in the last 24 hours

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L'entrada d'urgències de l'hospital Clínic de València

ValenciaContagion continues on the rise in the Valencian region, as do hospital admissions and ICU bed use. Both figures have reached a new highs this Thursday, exceeding the previous maximum registered only yesterday. There are 2,993 people in hospital for coronavirus (the previous maximum was 2,848), of which 440 are in ICU (the previous maximum was 418).

Equally worrying are the other data made public by the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health, such as the 6,207 new positives cases confirmed by PCR tests or antigen tests (very close to the maximum recorded last Saturday with 6,240 infected) and 57 new deaths, taking the toll to 3,522 since the start of the pandemic.

As for care homes, there are currently 98 cases (79 residents and 19 workers) and 14 deaths have been reported. Finally, 50 new outbreaks have been reported, almost all with fewer than 10 people infected.