Misc 08/01/2021

Trump condemns the assault on the Capitol and acknowledges Joe Biden's victory

The president reappears in a recorded message from the White House

Carlos Pérez Cruz
2 min
Trump condemna l'assalt al Capitoli i reconeix la victòria de Joe Biden

WashingtonWhether it's to clean up his image, to protect himself legally, or because he's increasingly alone, Donald Trump reappeared early this morning in a video recorded at the White House in which he claims to be "outraged" by "the violence, anarchy and chaos" that took place on Wednesday during his supporters' assault on the Capitol. To those who stormed the Congress, he says "you do not represent our country" and accuses them of "desecrating the seat of American democracy". The ghost of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution and of impeachment flew over the presidential residence yesterday.

They were phrases very different from those uttered during the siege. Then, Trump dedicated affectionate words to the assailants - "We love you, you are very special" - while his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, called them "patriots". The rhetoric is also different from the one used at the rally before the attack on the Capitol, where Trump encouraged his followers to march towards Congress and "fight with all your might because otherwise you will lose your country". And he even publicly pressured his vice president, Mike Pence, to violate the Constitution and proclaim him president, ignoring legal processes and the will of the people. However, in this morning's video he said that his attempt at a coup was to "defend American democracy" and "ensure the integrity of the vote".

For the first time, and after the results of the presidential elections were sealed, Donald Trump admitted that on January 20 Joe Biden will be proclaimed president. "My focus now is on ensuring a smooth, organized and uninterrupted transition of power", he said in his own words, after insisting that he would never do so. "This moment calls for healing and reconciliation", he has stipulated, after four years of being the first to contribute to social breakdown.

Without mentioning his theory of electoral fraud as an explanation for his defeat, Trump has said that being president has been "the greatest honor of my life". To his supporters he has promised that "our incredible journey has just begun". For now, it will be a retirement trip starting on January 20.