The professional council of Catalunya Ràdio rejects "censorship" by Electoral Board

It believes that the ban on using the words "ministers" and "president" is a "serious interference"

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Catalunya Ràdio esquitxa la graella amb cites literàries

BarcelonaThe professional council of Catalunya Ràdio views the ruling by the Central Electoral Board prohibiting the public broadcaster and TV3 from using the words "president" and "ministers" to refer to government members removed from office by Article 155 to be a "serious interference in the journalistic criteria of the editorial process" and a new attempt "to meddle" in its work "to the benefit of the parties that file this sort of complaint".

In a statement, the body that represents the public broadcaster´s journalists and watches over the quality of the information broadcast by Catalunya Ràdio calls for the station´s professionals to be able to "work with the utmost journalistic rigor without political intrusions of any kind".

"To ban the use of certain words is a restriction of free speech that, in our view, is totally unacceptable both for us and for the society for which we work. We reject censorship and blacklists of prohibited words, and fully support free, unpoliticized reporting", added the statement.