Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn speaks for the first time about the breakup and the attention generated by the singer's album

The British actor has spoken with forcefulness and distance about the months after the breakup, the ultra-mediatization of the relationship and the album that the singer dedicated to him.

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Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift

BarcelonaTaylor Swift had already given – at length – her version of the six years of her relationship with Joe Alwyn in her last album and this Saturday it was the actor's turn. He spoke about it in an interview in Sunday Times Style Magazine two months after the singer published the album The tortured poets department, a title that fans consider to be a reference to the WhatsApp group that Alwyn shares with other actors such as Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott and which is named afterThe tortured man club. After all the details of the relationship released by Swift, the actor Kinds of Kindess She has spoken about the impact of appearing in the media, the difficulty of breaking up, and Swift's current, very public relationship with American football player Travis Kelce.

That the most influential singer of today dedicated an entire album to him and that it began to accumulate records even before the publication – following the general trend of everything Taylor produces – has not been easy for Alwyn. In fact, the 33-year-old actor did not even want to respond to the journalist from Sunday Times Laura Pullman when asked if she has heard the album. "I like to think that everyone can empathize and understand the difficulties of ending a long, romantic and fully devoted relationship after six and a half years," says the British actor. With this laconic response, Alwyn also remembers between the lines that he has been the person with whom the singer has had the longest relationship of her romantic life.

"It had something very real and suddenly everything became something unreal: the headlines, the networks, the press, where everything was analyzed, speculated and exposed in any way," he comments. Until this weekend, Alwyn had not yet commented on the breakup that occurred in April 2023, five months before Swift made public her relationship with American soccer player Travis Kelce. "It is something difficult to experience. What is unusual and abnormal is this situation, that a week later, the information about the relationship is in the public domain," says the actor.

An unfulfilled promise

Regarding the massive emptying of information that Swift has carried out in the 31 songs on the album The tortured poets department, The interpreter wanted to emphasize that both had agreed that they would keep the details of their six-year relationship private. Along these lines, the actor did not want to comment on any of the songs either. Long sound, London and loml, which are speculated to be dedicated to him. Nor has he given any details about his current private life: "I'm sure you'll understand that after all that fuss and scrutiny of my previous relationship I don't want to open the door to issues like these."

Now, it will be Alwyn who gains media prominence, but for a very different topic: the premiere of what everything indicates will be one of his most relevant films, Kinds of kindess. The film will be released on June 28 and was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, also director of the Oscar-winning Poor things. "The truth is that, at this point, there will always be a distance between what is known and what is said. I have already made peace with this," stressed Alwyn, who despite granting the interview, kept distance between the experiences and personal opinions.