Spanish Electoral Board bans yellow ribbon on lapel at polling stations

The yellow ribbon symbolises support for the independentist politicians and activists in jail

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Una de les pancartes dedicades al conseller Carles Mundó que els veïns de Gurb  van lluir durant la manifestació.

BarcelonaSpain’s Central Electoral Board has banned all members of the public manning polling stations on December 21 from wearing the yellow ribbon on the lapel that symbolises support for the members of the Catalan government, the leader of Òmnium and the former leader of the ANC who are currently in jail. According to Spain’s election oversight body, the decision stems from the need to observe absolute neutrality during the vote. El País and Nació Digital report that this measure will also affect the representatives of the political parties who will monitor the polls on site.

The Board notes that “Article 93 of the Loreg [Polling Act] establishes that no electioneering will be allowed inside or around polling stations”. The ruling has been sent to the PSC, the political party that submitted the inquiry to the Board.