Misc 04/11/2020

R number falls below 1

3,635 new positives and 61 new admissions are reported, but EPG falls by 38 points

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BarcelonaAfter many days, the speed of covid-19 propagation, or R number, in Catalonia has fallen below 1. It is now at 0.96, which means that on average every 100 people who have contracted the virus will pass it on to 96. This figure confirms the decelerating trend of the pandemic, since a few days ago this same figure was at 1.63 and has been gradually decreasing as a result of the new measures implemented by the Catalan Government. In fact, getting the R number below 1 was one of the goal that the Health Department had set itself with the restrictions that came into force in recent weeks. This is the first time the R number has fallen below 1 since 5 October.

EPG continues to drop

Effective potential growth (EPG) also continues to fall and now stands at 747 (38 lower than yesterday), while a week ago it was above the 1,000. Thursday also saw a fall in the number of confirmed new cases (3,635, compared to 6,000 yesterday) and 38 deaths. In addition, according to the data made public by the department of Health, 2,732 people are hospitalised (61 more than yesterday) and 489 are in intensive care, one less than yesterday.

On the other hand, the cumulative incidence of the last 14 days continues to rise: now it is 812.43, when yesterday it was 803.95.