'House of the Dragon', 'Star Wars: The Acolyte', and 'The Boys', among the ten outstanding series of June

After almost two years of waiting, Max premieres the new season of the series based on the work of George RRMartin

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Olivia Cooke, star of 'House of the Dragon'

BarcelonaThe June series schedule is not limited to the second part of the third season of The Bridgertons, which has maintained the success data of previous deliveries. As summer approaches, the platforms are reinforcing their offerings, with several proposals focused on more tense entertainment, such as the new series from the universe of Star Wars or the return of the dragon house. We review the highlights of the month.

'Archie' (Filmin)

June 4

Jason Isaacs dona vida a Cary Grant

One of the most charismatic actors in the history of cinema had a private life that was the subject of all kinds of rumors. Filmin premieres this biographical series in which Jason Isaacs plays Cary Grant, born in Bristol under the name Archiebald Leach. In four episodes, the fiction reviews the fears, loves and losses of the protagonist of Charade and Pursued by death.

'Star Wars: The Acolyte' (Disney+)

5th June

Carrie-Anne Moss a 'La acólita'

Star Wars It has no end, or at least that's what they think on Disney+. This new galactic incursion focuses, according to the platform, "on an investigation into a shocking crime wave that pits a respected Jedi master against a dangerous warrior from his past." The series travels far back because its action is set in the High Republic, a century before the birth of Anakin, the future Darth Vader. The protagonist of the story is the Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, very popular for The squid game.

'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld' (Disney+)

June 7th

Daniel Brühl com Lagerfeld

Series about fashion designers are a trend. After Halston, Balenciaga and The New Look, comes this fiction dedicated to fashion kaiser. Daniel Brühl puts himself in the shoes of Karl Lagerfeld to explain how a young German arrived in Paris in the 70s and ended up being one of the most famous designers in the world. In 1972 he dedicated himself to ready-to-wear and he was a figure unknown to the general public. While meeting and falling in love with Jacques de Bascher (Théodore Pellerin), an ambitious and tormented young dandy, the designer dares to confront his friend (and rival) Yves Saint Laurent (Arnaud Valois), a genius of haute couture supported by the fearsome businessman Pierre Bergé (Alex Lutz).

'Presumed Innocent' (AppleTV+)

June 12

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal takes the lead in this new adaptation of Scott Turow's novel, which was made into a film in 1990 with Harrison Ford as the protagonist. Rusty Sabich, a Chicago deputy prosecutor, is accused of the murder of a co-worker with whom he had an affair. The legal system he has worked for his entire life turns against him as he attempts to prove his innocence and save his marriage. Is it really necessary to make a new version of this story? We won't know this until we see it, but for now the names of the project are attractive. Aside from Gyllenhaal, David E. Kelley and JJ Abrams are the producers of the miniseries.

'The Boys' (Amazon)

June 13th

Jeffrey Dean Morgan i Karl Urban a 'The Boys'

One of Amazon's greatest hits has a new season and incorporates new actors, such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the walking dead), who will play the character of Joe Kessler, who in the comics is a CIA analyst. Fans can expect more superheroes from the past. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office under the protection of the sadistic Homelander, who is increasingly powerful. For his part, Butcher, who has only a few months to live, has lost his position as leader of The Boys.

'The House of the Dragon' (Max)

June 17

Dos dels protagonistes de 'La casa del dragón'

It's been a long time coming – it's been almost two years since the first season premiered! – but it's here again. One of Max's current great popular achievements releases a second installment that, if we pay attention to the trailer, will be full of fights, betrayals, and yes, dragons (Ryan Condal, showrunner of the series, has explained that viewers will meet five new winged beasts). It's been so long since the first season said goodbye that many viewers probably don't remember where the series left off. To review: Rhaenyra and her uncle, Daemon, marry and the civil war between the Targaryens – the new couple against the new king, Aeagon II, Rhaenyra's half-brother – is already a reality.

'Disconnected' (Filmin)

June 18

La protagonista de 'Desconectados'

In his role as a prescriber of European fiction, Filmin premieres this Swedish romantic comedy about a couples therapist who has the gift of seeing someone's future love life simply by placing his hand on the other person's chest. This talent has a counterpart: it has made her somewhat cynical when it comes to love and only has one-night stands with no strings attached. Her life will take a turn when she meets John, a free spirit who has a very romantic view of life.

'We were the lucky ones' (Disney+)

19th of June

Imatge de 'Fuimos los afortunados'

With an extensive international cast (there are American actors like Joey King, but also some protagonists from the Israeli Shtisel), We were the lucky ones is the epic survival story of the Kurcs, a Jewish family from Poland, during World War II. The miniseries begins in 1938, the last year in which the Kurcs can celebrate Passover in their family home. The outbreak of war will force them to separate, although they will always maintain the hope of meeting again.

'Clans' (Netflix)

June 21

Clara Lago i Tamar Novas a 'Clanes'

With Farina It was demonstrated that Galician drug trafficking is a good basis for serial fiction. Netflix returns to this theme with Clans, fiction starring Clara Lago and Tamar Novas. Ana is a lawyer who settles in the Galician town of Cambados, where she catches the attention of Daniel, son of an important drug trafficker and visible head of the Padín clan while his father is in prison.

'My Lady Jane' (Amazon)

June 27th

La protagonista de 'Mi lady Jane'

Lady Jane Grey, a member of the Tudor dynasty, went down in history for having been queen of England for 9 days and dying beheaded after being accused of high treason. Amazon's new series imagines an alternate version of her story, one in which she's left without any to begin with. This period comedy-adventure sees an empowered and determined Jane Gray take on those who want to take her crown.

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