Baby born in Barcelona metro with help from passenger and staff

Events took place at Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica station

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TMB has released the image of the newly born baby boy

BarcelonaCristina was on her way to the Hospital del Mar this morning because she felt ready to give birth. But when she got off the metro at Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica station, on the yellow line (L4), she felt unwell and asked for help. Ángel, her baby, came out before she could get to hospital: he was born in the metro station.

The events took place around 10.45 am. The mother asked for help from metro staff, who took her to the station's management centre. By chance, there was a passenger at the station who identified herself as a health inspector and assisted the tube workers with the birth. When the emergency services arrived, Ángel had already been born and mother and child were taken to hospital. They are both healthy and well.

TMB announced the news on social media and congratulated the parents, Cristina and Jesús, and also staff Vanesa, Yolanda and Rubén for their assistance during the birth.