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Society 01/10/2021

Renfe security guard assaults woman at Sants station

After being overpowered by five guards, she was punched and kicked

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BarcelonaRenfe's private security guards are at the centre of new controversial action in Sants station. This morning a group of five guards overpowered a woman and, once she was immobilised on the ground, one of the guards punched and kicked her on the legs, Betevé has advanced. Renfe has explained that the employee has been removed from service immediately and has a disciplinary file has been opened.

As reported by Betevé, it all started when the girl rebuked television crews that were reporting on the train drivers' strike because she did not want to be recorded. The security guards tried to talk to the woman and the conversation escalated to the point that one of the guards was slightly injured by an object, Betevé explains. After this, the five men overpowered the woman and, once on the ground, the guard who had been injured attacked her.

Disciplinary file

Renfe spokesman Antonio Carmona has assured that the operator has "zero tolerance" of this kind of action. For this reason, the company has asked the security company for the guard's "immediate withdrawal" and has opened a file on the situation. This controversial action coincides with the second day of strikes by Rodalies Renfe train drivers. This Friday, as happened yesterday, the train service has also been suffering delays throughout the day and minimum services have not been attained. Yesterday, the company and the union reproached each other for the mismanagement of these minimum services, which had to be 85%: the operator maintains that workers have deliberately not shown up for their shifts, while the union claims that not all employees have received the letter informing them that their shift is part of the agreed minimum services.