Mother of sisters murdered in Pakistan's escape

She was able to escape from the house where her daughters were murdered, but her 9-year-old son was kidnapped. The police have now freed him

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A family member and a neighbor from Gujrat pray at the grave of the two sisters from Terrassa killed in Pakistan.

BarcelonaA week ago, the day after Arooj and Anisa Abbas arrived in Pakistan, they were murdered. The two sisters from Terrassa were killed in a family home in Gujrat, Punjab, where their mother was also staying. When the double murder was committed, the woman was able to escape but fled without her 9-year-old son, who was also in the house. Pakistani police tracked down the mother, who the family also wanted to murder, Pakistani consul in Barcelona Mirza Salman Baig has informed ARA.

Since then the police have kept the mother in a safe place. In recent hours, after the conversation with the consul, an operation was set up to find her son, since she reported that the child had been kidnapped by other relatives. In the end, the child has been located and now the consulate is working so that both mother and son can return home to Catalonia this weekend.

Baig claims the family had taken both the mother's and the child's passports to prevent them from escaping. However, the police have been able to recover the documents and the return trip is being prepared. According to the consul, mother and son are expected to catch a plane on Saturday or Sunday which will bring them here. Baig insists that the two are safe because they are at a police station that is keeping them under police surveillance while waiting for them to make the trip.