Those infected with covid will have to wait two months for the vaccine (instead of six as before)

The Health Dpt changes the criteria for people under 65 to increase protection against the delta variant

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Young people queuing to get vaccinated at Arco de Triunfo.

BarcelonaChanges in the Catalan vaccination protocol: from now on people who have had covid can be vaccinated if a minimum of two months since they were infected has passed. Until now, the Department of Health set at six months the period that people with a diagnosis of coronavirus had to wait before they could access the vaccine. Only those over 65 years of age were excluded from this criterion and could be immunised almost immediately after recovering from the infection because they are more likely to suffer complications in case of infection. Now, however, the measure affects all vaccinable age groups, i.e. from the age of 12.

These people will only receive one dose to obtain the full vaccination schedule. "With this action, people who had not received any dose or only the first will be protected, especially against the delta variant, since they will receive the full schedule better", said the Health Dpt in a statement. In fact, this change is framed within the strategy of the Department to increase vaccination coverage rates throughout the country - such as the opening of vaccination without appointment during the afternoons of August - and protect as many people as possible before the arrival of autumn and, with it, the start of school and the general return to work.

The Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, acknowledged in an interview with the ARA that the authorities' priority was to avoid a sixth wave in the last part of the year. "If we vaccinate now, we will have the second dose in three or four weeks and we will arrive at the beginning of the school year, university, or the return to work protected to the maximum. This is very important because what we want the most is to avoid a new wave in autumn", insisted the doctor.