Catalonia is considering demanding covid pass in bars and restaurants

Government admits that the Supreme Court ruling "opens a door" it wants to "explore"

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A person looking at their covid pass on their phone

BarcelonaThe day after Spain's Supreme Court ruled that the covid pass can be required to enter bars and restaurants, the Catalan Government has admitted that it is considering this restriction. The Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, explained that the ruling "opens a door" that the Generalitat wants to "explore carefully". "We have the obligation to assess all options," Cabezas said.

Cabezas recalled this document was originally designed to travel between countries, especially within the European Union (EU), although she acknowledged that Tuesday's ruling changes this scenario. "We will take into account all the possible consequences," Cabezas said. The doctor has not clarified whether the Health Department is now considering allowing nightclubs to reopen for those holding a covid pass, as the industry demands, because the government is seeking a "joint" position.

Catalonia and the rest of the autonomous communities will meet this afternoon at the Interterritorial Council, where they could also address the possibilities left open by the Supreme Court ruling. This meeting will be held in a context of easing of restrictions. Andalusia announced yesterday that it will recover 100% of capacity in cinemas and theatres in areas with lower covid-19 incidence, while Madrid has already set a date (September 20) to lift all restrictions on opening times affecting the hospitality industry.

In Catalonia, nightclubs are pressuring the government to be allowed to reopen and use covid pass as a protective measure against possible contagion. While the Department of Health said a week ago that it was necessary to wait for ICUs to be emptied out to be able to open (today there are 248 critical patients for covid), the Barcelona City Council was in favour of accelerating the easing of restrictions to stop illegal street parties during La Mercè festivities. Nightlife business association Fecasarm, however, believes it will not be possible to open before then.