Politics 09/04/2021

ERC will support Madaula to replace Cuevillas at the Parliamentary bureau

The Republicans thus rule out linking their appointment to the investiture of Aragonès, as Torrent had proposed

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Laura Borras and Jaume Alonso Cuevillas

ERC has decided to support JxCat MP Aurora Madaula to replace Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas in the second secretariat of the Parliamentary bureau, according to TV3. Cuevillas formally presented his resignation on Wednesday after disagreements with the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, on the delegated vote of Lluís Puig and the processing of motions for resolutions that can lead to the disqualification of members of the bureau.

Borràs herself announced on Monday the proposal of Madaula but ERC has not confirmed its support until today. The CUP already did so on Wednesday in the framework of the agreement reached by the three pro-independence forces in the constitution of the bureau. The relief will have to be voted in the plenary of the Parliament, but there is still no date for the next plenary session. Although the former president of the Parliament and MP of ERC, Roger Torrent, framed the support for Madaula to a "global agreement" that also had to include the investiture of Pere Aragonès, the party has confirmed that they will endorse the relief at the bureau although the negotiations remain stalled.

Thus, the proposal of the comuns, who put on the table the name of the MP Lucas Ferro to replace Cuevillas, is discarded. In an interview in 'Vilaweb' , the lawyer and MP of JxCat was in favour of not processing motions for resolutions on monarchy or self-determination because of the risk of disqualification, taking into account that they are texts that have no legal effect. He questioned whether disqualification for "a senseless act" ("una barbaridad") was worth it. Afterwards, president Borràs added that the decision to remove him from the bureau had already been taken when Cuevillas abstained in the delegation of the vote of the ex MP in exile Lluís Puig. Cuevillas alleged conflict of interest because he was his lawyer.