ERC and En Comú agree on "starting a new phase" and reinforcing the left

Further meetings soon to explore "agreements"

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The vice-president Pere Aragonès with the leader of the common ones, Jéssica Albiach.

BarcelonaERC and En Comú have officially begun contacts on Monday for the formation of government. After the meeting, in a communiqué, both formations have agreed that it is necessary to "start a new phase" in Catalonia and to "reinforce the policies of the left". They have shared that the priorities of the next executive are reconstruction, social rescue and resolving the conflict between Catalonia and the State. Likewise, they have agreed to hold new meetings in the near future to try to explore "agreements".

At the same time, they have also agreed on the need to define a shared strategy to confront the far right in Parliament, which on February 14 broke into Parliament thanks to Vox's eleven MPs.

The meeting was attended by ERC's negotiating committee - formed by Marta Vilalta, Laura Vilagrà, Sergi Sabrià and Josep Maria Jové - and by David Cid, Candela López, Jordi Martí and Conchi Abellán on behalf of En Comú.

The role of Em Comú in the future government is one of the issues that separates ERC and Junts per Catalunya. This Monday they have returned to demonstrate the differences on whether Jéssica Albiach's party should be part of the next government. ERC insist on including them in a government with Junts and the CUP, while JxCat refuses to incorporate them because they do not seek independence. In fact, En Comú also vetoes Junts in the future government because they consider them "right-wing".