The CUP stresses the "key" role of the Parliamentary Bureau and reiterates its readiness to assume the presidency

The 'cupaires' call on JxCat to review the police model after the agreement reached with ERC

Xavi Tedó
2 min
Riera, in an electoral act

The CUP has shown again today its willingness to assume the presidency of the Parliament, provided that a programmatic agreement is closed with ERC and JxCat. In a press conference after the political council, where it has been discussed, but not voted, the possibility that the cupaires enter in the new government or preside over the Catalan chamber, the deputy Carles Riera has recognized the importance that the Bureau will have in fulfilling the " goals of the legislature ". "The Parliamentary Bureau will have a fundamental role in this legislature to prevent the extreme right from spreading its hate speech, to guarantee sovereignty and that everything can be debated and discussed without restrictions from the TC (High Court), and we are willing to assume all the responsibilities, but it will never be an exchange of chairs", said the number 2 of the candidacy.

"The program is the priority, not the chairs, and we have always said that we will be available to assume the responsibilities that are necessary if our militancy endorses it", reiterated Riera, after the ARA advanced that the CUP is considering claiming the presidency of the Parliament in exchange for facilitating the investiture of the candidate of ERC, Pere Aragonès, given the misgivings raised among part of the bases to be part of a Government with ERC and JxCat. "We demand a social rescue plan and that the road to self-determination is resumed, and depending on how progress is made on these issues we will decide what our position is", said the MP at the insistence of the media.

JxCat to validate a change in the police model

After making it clear that the Government and the Parliament have to be "instruments at the service of the majority" and that "never again should Catalan institutions be against their people by not accepting certain debates or repressing", the number 3 of the candidacy, Eulàlia Reguant, warned that "the first priority is to stop the bleeding that the country is suffering with the violation of fundamental rights such as the right to housing or the right to protest". In this sense, she has called on JxCat, which now commands the Home Affairs Ministry, to work as already agreed this Friday with ERC in different areas.

The use of foam bullets by the police, review the current police model and that the Generalitat is involved in private prosecutions, study how the regulations are applied in the Mossos when there are cases of possible malpractice and, finally, discuss the participation of public order teams in evictions and the need to implement housing policies to combat the problem "from the root" are some of the open folders that the cupaires want that JxCat also agrees to discuss. "It is necessary that JxCat takes a position and we are waiting for their response", said Reguant.

Beyond the changes that can be introduced in the Home Affairs Ministry, Riera has once again put on the table the shielding of public services, the social rescue plan, the ecological transition or the exercise of the right to self-determination as pillars to reach an understanding with the two major pro-independence forces. "The Government and the Parliament have to make a 180-degree turn and have to be a shield for the protection of social and national rights", he warned, before sentencing that the next legislature will be "a failure" if "the right to housing or the end of repression" is not shielded.