Sophie Turner: "They always called us 'the women of' and I hated it"

In the first interview granted after her divorce from Joe Jonas, the actress spoke about the pressure she suffered from the media for her role as a mother.

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Sophie Turner

BarcelonaIt was already known that Sophie Turner had experienced a complicated period after the end of her relationship with Joe Jonas and the subsequent divorce with two daughters in charge. But until the publication of the interview with Vogue As of this Wednesday, it was not known what the magnitude of the tragedy was, at least with his version of the events. The public ridicule for being a "bad mother" and the story promoted by the media and networks about her predilection for nightlife, which left the care of her daughters and time with her partner, Joe Jonas, in the background - apparently , a family man – has caused him anxiety problems and periods of depression, as he explained in the British magazine.

"They were the worst days of my life," Turner says sincerely. When Joe Jonas, a member of the band Jonas Brothers, and the actress from thunder game Divorce proceedings began, Turner was filming the film Juan. "I remember I was on the set, I had a contract to stay for two more weeks, I couldn't leave. My daughters were in the United States and I couldn't see them because I had to finish Juan. That's when all these articles started coming out...", says Turner, 28. The pieces to which the British actress refers are the news published by the American media - with a misogynistic tone about the expectations of the role as mother–, with headlines such as "Behind the icon Sophie Turner, the life of the so-called "party girl"" or "Sophie Turner claims she is a bad mother while revealing the truth about "abandoning" her children from Joe Jonas", among others.

Sophie Turner turns the page on Joe Jonas

"It hurt me because I really torture myself for every decision I make. When you're a mother, the guilt is totally real. I kept telling myself, 'None of that is true. You're a good mother and you've never been a party animal.'" , says Turner. At least during that time it felt like the filming companions of Juan They gave him "a lot of support", including his friends and family. "I think the reason I was on medication for so long is because I didn't have those people by my side. Now that I'm back home, I'm really happy as I haven't been in a long time," the actress tells journalist Chioma Nnadi. .

Joe Jonas's divorce

In fact, the geographical conflict between the British woman and her ex-husband, an American, is one of the problems that the ex-couple faces when it comes to agreeing on the custody of their two daughters, aged three and two. In the same interview, Turner acknowledges that she does not feel "at all happy" about how the separation has gone after three years of dating and another four of marriage, "especially regarding the girls." The actress of thunder game It also affects Jonas' work as a father and assures that the fact that he is seven years older than her made her think that he would be attentive to her motherhood and the daughters they have in common, expectations that were not met.

aesthetic pressure

Contrary to what happens to some mothers, the British woman explains in the interview that "having children was the best decision" for her relationship with her body. "Being young, and especially growing up in the spotlight, makes you judge yourself a lot," Turner says. It is for this reason that motherhood made her realize "how incredible" the human body is and the importance of taking care of the physical and mental health of both herself and her daughters, even if that means disconnecting from social networks, as she recognizes. which he did at different times during the divorce.

This personal improvement has a lot to do, as he explains, with the move to the United Kingdom. In fact, since settling in London after the divorce, she has managed to stop taking medication to alleviate anxiety and periods of depression. In the United States I had the feeling that both she and Danielle Jonas, wife of Kevin Jonas, and actress Priyanka Chopra, wife of Nick Jonas, were always considered the companions of the Jonas brothers. "There was a lot of attention on the three brothers and their wives. They always called us 'the wives of,' and I hated that." He adds that there was a kind of "plus one" feeling, a feeling that, he explains, Joe never conveyed to him, but it was the message that was transmitted from his immediate environment and the media. ~BK_LINE_HOP~