Misc 01/01/2021

Regarding the years which end in 1

Antoni Bassas
1 min

We open 2021 and take the first steps as if we were someone who tries on new shoes in a shoe shop. If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2021 will be the year of the vaccine. Beyond that, no idea. In fact, the last three years which ended in 1 have given us the world as we know it today. 1991: the USSR disappeared. Unbelievable. Much more than a center of political power, the USSR was the center of a whole belief system that on Christmas Day evaporated. Capitalism and the desire for freedom had won the Cold War. In 2001 we experienced the attack on the Twin Towers, a spectacular attack with forms of global marketing that ended with the surrender of part of our freedom, in exchange, it is said, for more security. 2011: Fukushima. An earthquake that provokes a tsunami, that provokes a nuclear crisis that reminds us how difficult the game between nature and human development is. We have been warned.