No doubt we'll get vaccinated

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There's no room for insecurities. It doesn't make sense for all of us to wait for the vaccine to solve our lives and ensure a return to normality, while at the same time we have doubts about whether we should be vaccinated or not. No doubt we'll get vaccinated. Only a general and massive vaccination of the entire population, here and everywhere, will make effective and viable this collective desire to defeat the coronavirus so that we can recover the course of our lives, redo business, recover friendships, resume studies and leisure activities, go out again and breathe all the aromas and possibilities of human existence. The vaccine - the vaccines - to neutralize the covid-19 is the great tool that throughout the next year will allow us to get out of the well of the sanitary and economic crisis. The faster the vaccination, the faster restrictions can be lifted. Experts are clear: "It will be safe", as well as effective. They have been done in record time, which should not cast doubt on their quality, but should make us admire the scientific and industrial excellence achieved. Never before in history has there been a research and production process on a global scale that is so fast and successful. For two centuries now, vaccines have been one of the great biomedical advances that have made it possible to significantly extend people's life expectancy and to overcome lethal scourges, starting with smallpox and continuing with many more: measles, hepatitis and even influenza, for which a new campaign has already begun, as it does every year. Without these and many other vaccines, today we would live fewer years and in worse conditions.

There is no margin, then, for not wanting to be immunized, this time from the coronavirus. On the contrary, it is essential that the more extensive the vaccination, the better. If 2020 has been the year of the covid-19 plague, 2021 has to be the year of the vaccine that eliminates its reproduction. It is true that, in the face of the outbreak of the pandemic, erratic decisions and changes in strategy have generated obvious confusion that has fed certain reticence. But for the good of all, it is now time to turn the page, or rather, to regain confidence. The health, political, and scientific authorities have to lead with clear, pedagogical and forceful messages both the information and the endorsement of the vaccines and their orderly implementation to counteract the suspicions and fears amongst the public. In Spain, 70% of the population is reluctant to be vaccinated, a percentage that must be changed urgently. This pandemic has cracked the culture in favour of community protection. If things are done well, it should not be difficult to convince people. It is imperative that this is achieved.