Misc 20/01/2021

At least three dead and eight injured in a major explosion that destroyed four floors of a building in central Madrid

The property is located next to an old people's home, a school and a church

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Els serveis d'emergència a la zona de l'explosió

MadridAt least three dead and eight wounded in an explosion in Madrid's Calle Toledo that blew up four floors of a building next to an old people's home, a school and a church. In the images shared by people present at the time of the explosion, one can see the street covered with the rubble of the house. There are already several 11 ambulances and the 9 Firefighter units, and a tent has been set up where injured people are receiving treatment. Police have cordoned off the area.

The explosion occurred in at no. 98 Toledo Street, located right next to La Paloma care home, as well as in the playground of La Salle Paloma, which reported that no students or staff were injured. The care home has also reported that all its users are safe and have been accommodated in a nearby hotel.

The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has confirmed that there are two dead and wounded of "varying degrees", one of whom has already been transferred to La Paz Hospital. Almeida added that, despite the fact that the building is on fire, the Fire Department cannot enter because "it is not considered prudent", since "it could cause a gas reservoir that could affect the structure". "There are no reports of casualties at the school, just some minor scratches," Almeida said.

In addition, the building also has the neighbourhood church behind it and the bishopric has confirmed that a number of priests lived on the floors where the explosion took place. One of them has been trapped on the fifth floor, another is missing and two more are injured.

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