How do you request the €700 aid if you have been on furlough in Catalonia?

The benefit will also be available for workers on a discontinuous permanent contract

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The Employment Service of Catalonia (SOY) shares offices with the SEPE, which processes ERTEs.

From this Monday until July 15, people who have been on furlough (ERTE) due to the covid crisis and suffered a total or partial suspension of their contract for at least one day in May can apply for aid of up to €700 put in place by the Generalitat. Workers on a discontinuous permanent contract will also be eligible.

What are the requirements?

Applicants must live in Catalonia. In the case of those affected by furlough, they must also either be receiving the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE) unemployment benefit, or have requested the benefit but not have received an answer from the administration yet. Workers on a discontinuous permanent contract must be also be recipients of extraordinary unemployment benefits. Applicants who have Social Security or Tax debts will be excluded.

How much will applicants receive?

The amount will vary depending on the number of days the affected person has been on furlough between January 1 and May 31 or, in the case of discontinuous permanent employees, the number of days they have enjoyed the extraordinary unemployment benefit. Those who have been on furlough for in between 1 day and 90 days will receive €600 euros, while those who have been on furlough for over 90 days will receive €700.

What happens if you have been on furlough in May but you have not yet received the unemployment benefits nor been registered by SEPE?

The worker is entitled to the benefit even if SEPE has not yet awarded them unemployment benefits. When SEPE does so retroactively, the employee will be entitled to the benefit, provided that they have applied for it beforehand.

If I already received furlough aid in February, can I also apply for it now?

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements explained above.

When will I know if I will receive the aid?

Successful applicants will be informed once the call for applications has been resolved.

When is the deadline for applications?

No more applications will be accepted after 15 July at 3 p.m. Unlike at the beginning of the pandemic, the benefits will not be granted in order of registration. Applicants must sign up online on Catalonia's Employment Service's website ( If a person submits several applications, only the last will be valid.

What information does the application form request?

Personal details (NIF/NIE, name, surname, etc.), address, details of the company affected by furlough, number of days on furlough or on recognised unemployment benefit due to furlough or receiving an extraordinary benefit in the period between January 1 and May 31 (if you do not have these details you can ask your employer or the SEPE), bank account and a responsible declaration stating you meet the requirements.

How many people is this help expected to reach?

The Generalitat estimates that will benefit between 80,000 and 100,000 people. The Catalan government has given it a budget of €60m.