Misc 14/01/2021

Government to extend the latest anti-covid restrictions by one week

Municipal lockdown and closure of non-essential shops on weekends will be extended

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El tancament municipal pot allargar-se més de 10 dies

BarcelonaIn view of the poor data on the evolution of the pandemic, the Government has decided to extend the last approved anti-covid restrictions for one more week, which include daily municipal lockdown, closure of non-essential shops on weekends, and closure of shopping centres. In principle, these measures were to be applied for ten days from 7 January, but as TV3 has reported and the ARA has confirmed, Procicat plans to extend them by another week.

The details on the measures will be announced this midday at the press conference following the Procicat meeting.

When the new restrictions were applied, the Government had already admitted the possibility of keeping them in place for more than ten days with the aim of trying to stop the contagion curve.