Misc 06/05/2016

Government calls on Catalans not to “give in to bullying” by Spanish State

Mundó accuses Spanish government of using Constitutional Court appeals to sneak in a “de facto" suspension of Catalan self-rule

G. Pruna
1 min
Els consellers de Justícia, Carles Mundó, i el de Cultura, Santi Vila, al Parlament

Barcelona"The people of Catalonia must open their eyes and decide if they will give in to this bullying or not". This is the message that Carles Mundó, Catalonia’s Justice Minister, used to conclude his speech in a parliamentary address by Junts pel Sí on the judicialisation of politics.

Faced with mountings appeals and rulings by Spain’s Constitutional Court (TC) against Catalan laws, the Minister accused the acting Spanish government of effectively applying Article 155 of the Constitution “to sneak in a de facto suspension” of Catalonia’s devolved powers.

"What the 135 representatives in Parliament have done, the 12 judges of the TC have systematically undone", lamented Mundó, who opined that Catalan finances and self-rule are "de facto suspended". Therefore, and as will be done with the anti-eviction law, he urged Parliament to work to re-deploy all the legislation which has been suspended.

Earlier, Roger Torrent, representative from Junts pel Sí, labeled Spanish democracy "low-cost democracy", and claimed that the only way to deal with this situation is for Catalonia to become independent.