Misc 08/03/2018

3/6: Danger, Tajani

Pro-European public opinion very worried about the Italian election outcome

Vicenç Villatoro
1 min

The pro-European public opinion is very worried about the Italian election outcome. Before the election, one of the most worrisome possibilities was that right-wing populism, together with xenophobic and neofascist options, would add up to make Silvio Berlusconi’s candidate, Antonio Tajani, prime minister. True, a possible Five Star Movement victory was also disturbing, due to its left-wing populist rhetoric. But the Tajani option, with all it entailed, was seen as a threat to the Europe of freedoms and democracy. Who is Tajani then, that he would receive populist and extremist votes? Right now, the President of the European Parliament. A Forza Italia Berlusconi acolyte who became the main European hooligan cheering for Rajoy’s policies against Catalonia. The one who endorsed the enforcement of article 155, the one who said Europe had to speak frankly to the Catalans and make them understand that the EU would never recognize an independent Catalonia. Antonio Tajani could become the prime minister of Italy riding on populist, racist and neofascist votes. Europe, restless before this possibility, should take note of what Tajani has stood for and against from one of the main European seats of power.