Misc 14/01/2021

Catalonia registers 122 new covid-19 deaths, and close to 500 people are currently in ICUs

4,397 new infections are confirmed by PCR or antigen tests, and over 100,000 people are vaccinated

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Diverses persones passegen pel Passeig de Gràcia de Barcelona, aquest dimecres

BarcelonaAccording to the Department of Health, the covid-19 pandemic is still out of control in Catalonia. This Thursday, the Health Department has notified 122 new deaths caused by the virus (the highest figure notified since November 11), although, according to the data, only six are from the last 24 hours and the others correspond to previous days. This dance of figures is a response to the fact that there are some funeral homes that take a few days to report deaths and, therefore, once they do, the Department adds them up to the corresponding day. For example, yesterday Salud reported 11 new deaths, even though today the figure for yesterday has risen to 49.

In addition, it has also reported 4,397 new infections confirmed by PCR or antigen test, of which 2,034 are from the last 24 hours. The positive data of the day is that there are already more than 100,000 people vaccinated in Catalonia: in total, there are already 105,080, 13,698 more than yesterday.

ICUs are approaching 500 patients' threshold due to covid-19

As in recent days, the pressure on Catalan hospitals continues to increase. Thus, according to the data, there are 2,541 people with covid-19 in hospitals (40 more than yesterday), while ICUs are close to 500 patients with coronavirus: 497, four more than yesterday.

As has been the case for two days now, the Effective Potential Growth has also increased. If yesterday it rose 48 points, today it does so at 39 and is already on the verge of 700 points (696), although five days ago it was at 576, 120 points less than today. As it happened yesterday, the R number has risen again for the second day in a row: now it is at 1.32, 5 hundredths higher than yesterday. This means that 100 people infected by covid-19 are infecting 132.