Second teacher investigated and removed from teaching at the Institut del Teatre

The commission investigating harassment and abuses of power at the centre has requested precautionary measures

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Albert Llimós y Núria Juanico
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Students of the IT and other performing arts centres protesting in the streets of Barcelona this past February

BarcelonaTwo days after ARA uncovered the cases of harassment and abuse at the Institut del Teatre (IT), a teacher explained to the assembly of students gathered in the atrium of the building that, apart from Joan Ollé, the name of another teacher was on the table. It is Boris Dausà, who has been suspended from classes as a precautionary measure at the request of the commission in charge of investigating the matter.

As a result of the petitions presented by the students and the information gathered over the past month, the members of the commission requested that Dausà be removed from teaching and no longer has direct contact with the students, although he continues to work on projects linked to IT from his home. This is not a definitive decision, but a temporary one, until the final conclusions are presented. Thus, Dausà faces the same measures as were applied in Ollé's case. The theatre director was teaching a workshop before retiring at the end of this academic year, but the day after the report was published he was immediately removed, although he continues to be paid while the commission investigates.

Classes in the mountains

Just after the report was published, a number of IT students brought to the attention of the centre's now vacant management that Dausà had been teaching classes and holding parties in a house in the mountains for several years, despite the fact that the IT explicitly forbids it. Year after year he proposed to different generations of students to join. At the next IT board meeting, scheduled for April, the report on this specific case will be made public.

So far the commission has not informed on the number of complaints received, although during the first few days there were four from twelve different students referring to sexual matters.