Canet Rock will be held with 22,000 people, antigen tests, and face masks

The festival will take place on 3 July with the same line-up as planned, but the ticket will cost 7 euros more

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Sidone at Canet Rock in an archive picture

BarcelonaThe Canet Rock has announced that it will be held in the Pla d'en Sala on 3 July with 22,000 people. There will be no safety distances, but there will be face masks and mandatory antigen tests. It will be the next step after the observational studies that were done in the Sala Apolo for 500 people in December and the one organised by the Festivals per la Cultura Segura at the Palau Sant Jordi for 5,000 people in March. They will be supervised by the Fundación Lucha contra el Sida y las Enfermedades Infecciosas and, according to the organisers, they will do it following the guidelines of the Health Ministry and Procicat. There will be a subsequent epidemiological control of the public. In the words of Dr. Bonaventura Clotet: "We endorse the strategy that will be followed at the Cruïlla concert, the Canet Rock and Vida Festival, which will incorporate strategies to rule out people who may be carriers of the virus with rapid tests and allow us to give all the security that those who participate in the concerts can enjoy the music and the relationships involved with peace of mind". The doctor says that it is necessary to "normalise social life the sooner the better".

To get into the Canet Rock, attendees will have to certify that they have tested negative with an antigen test that will have to be done the same day at points installed by the organisation of the festival. An FFP2 face mask will be handed out at the entrance, which, once inside, must be worn at all times except in the restaurant area. During all the concerts it will be possible to dance and sing without keeping a safety distance. This deployment -control personnel, differentiated spaces, 22,000 tests in a single day- will increase the costs of the festival, which will mean the attendees will have to pay 7 euros more than usual. For those who have already bought a ticket, the 7 euros will also be added, or the ticket will be refunded. The final price is 47 euros.

The poster remains as announced last July: Stay Homas, Zoo, Suu, Oques Grasses, Doctor Prats, Roba Estesa, Lildami, Ciudad Jara, Itaca Band, and Miki Núñez.

How will summer festivals work?

That the massive summer festivals that have not been cancelled (Vida, Cruïlla, Canet Rock) are each a pilot test or an observational study was a possibility that Jordi Herreruela, director of Cruïlla, was already hinting at after the results of the Palau Sant Jordi, which opened the door to massive concerts without safety distance. The Vida, in fact, already announced that it would be held for three days with scientific supervision and without distances, but did not specify capacity or security measures or the price. It is the same as Cruïlla, which has planned three days of festival with a capacity of 25,000 people per day, so the costs are still higher. We will have to see how all this is reflected in the tickets and what kind of antigen tests are done (if they have to be done every day and if they are done by the festival or can be done in a pharmacy, as in the case of Manel's concert at La Mirona this Friday, in which tests have to be done in pharmacies for 8.5 euros).