Inflation sets record in Catalonia: prices are 9.5% higher than a year ago

The increase is accentuated by the rise in electricity and fuel

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Energy prices have once again been driving up inflation.

BarcelonaIn the first full month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflation has reached a new record high in Catalonia. The month of March has closed with an increase in prices of 9.5% compared to a year ago, according to the consumer price index (CPI) published on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). It is the sharpest increase since 2002, when the INE began collecting separate data by regions.

Inflation is so high because of the increase in electricity prices, which has risen 28.8% in one year, and fuel, which have risen 18.9%. Apart from electricity and fuel, the other groups that have contributed to continued high inflation are food (up 6.4%) and clothing and footwear (up 6%).

Compared to February, the increase in prices is 2.9%. The figure is higher than the 0.8% recorded just a month ago, while in January it had been negative, at -0.2%. Therefore, the shopping basket has gone from becoming cheaper after Christmas to becoming more expensive at an unprecedented rate.

As for the year-on-year increase in the CPI in Spain, the advanced figure published two weeks ago has now been confirmed at 9.8%. This is the highest since May 1985.