Footballer Kheira Hamraoui's teammate arrested for allegedly hiring two thugs to attack her

Police have arrested Aminata Diallo, Hamraoui's teammate at PSG

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Kheira Hamraoui to join PSG in the summer of 2021

BarcelonaThe Versailles Regional Police have arrested PSG player Aminata Diallo as the alleged organiser of the serious attack suffered by her teammate Kheira Hamraoui last Thursday. Diallo allegedly hired two thugs to assault the former Barça player on her way home from a dinner with the squad. Hamraoui suffered serious injuries that forced her to be admitted to Poissy hospital, where she received stitches on her hands and legs.

Sources close to Hamraoui told the French newspaper L'Équipe that at the time of the attack Diallo was at the scene: "At around 10.30pm, Hamraoui arrived near her house and, while she was still in the car driven by Aminata Diallo, she saw two unknown men appear, their faces covered with balaclavas". According to the French press, the two men violently attacked her, beating her legs and arms with an iron bar. The alleged mastermind of the attack, Diallo, plays on the same team as Hamraoui.

The French club wanted to give their support to the former Barça player and has said it will collaborate with the authorities to clarify the facts. "Paris Saint-Germain condemns with the utmost firmness the acts of violence committed", the club said in a public statement after the arrest. "Since Thursday evening, 4 November, the club has taken all necessary measures to ensure the health, well-being and safety of its players. Paris Saint-Germain is cooperating with the Versailles courts to clarify the facts".

Hamraoui, 31, is one of the biggest names in French football. Trained at CNFE Clairefontaine, she played for clubs such as Hénin-Beaumont, Saint-Étienne, Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Lyon before joining Barça in 2018. With the azulgrana team she won 2 Ligas, 2 Copas de la Reina, 1 Champions League, 1 Super Copa and 2 Copas Catalunya. She also won the Champions League with Lyon. A senior international with France, she had returned to PSG this summer.