Society 22/10/2021

Trapero calls for respect: "What is so revolutionary about throwing stones at the police?"

Mossos' major warns lack of authority "affects social balance"

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The head of the Mossos, Major Josep Lluís Trapero, in his speech at the national act of the Day of the Squads.

BarcelonaA wake-up call from the head of the Mossos d'Esquadra, Major Josep Lluís Trapero, on the attacks received by agents. Trapero has warned that he is "concerned" about the fact that in some public debates whomever throws stones at the police is labelled as an activist. According to the major, respect for police authority is "a whole" in a democratic country: "Those who endorse the lack of respect forget that the authority is delegated by the judicial and governmental authority". For Trapero, lack of respect and authority "affects the social balance". "We ask only for respect. We are not looking for submissive attitudes or fears of the police that have already been overcome", he said at the national event of the Dia de les Esquadres, which was held at midday this afternoon in Barcelona.

The major considered that the right of assembly "has to be disturbing". "This is how our societies have advanced. It is what our fathers and mothers did. But I ask myself, how can the world change by throwing stones at the police or burning containers, what is transformative or revolutionary about it", he questioned, and defended the fact that changes should be made "from the institutions themselves, not by ignoring them". For this reason, the head of the Mossos described the repetition of "intolerant and violent behaviour" as worrying. In this sense, the major stressed that the police are part of the structure of the country: "Those who attack the institutions, dirty them or take advantage of them, must find us in front of them".