Society 01/04/2021

Prosecutor calls for investigation into grandmother's wrongful eviction

The removal of her belongings, which are yet to be returned, may constitute a crime

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Rosario sitting inside on her floor

BarcelonaOne day in February Rosario Bravo, 97 years old, discovered that she had been evicted by mistake and her flat had been emptied, the lock had been changed and an alarm had been installed. The court in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat that ordered the eviction made a mistake: it got the wrong floor. The neighbours who were meant to be evicted told Rosario, who was not in the flat, of the mistake and asked for her forgiveness. But despite the fact that the grandmother's family immediately contacted Finques Gual, the owner and administrator of the block, they have still not recovered the personal belongings that were taken by a removal company.

For this reason, as Tv3's Planta baixa reports and ARA has confirmed, the Public Prosecutor's Office has asked for an investigation into the eviction. The public ministry wants to know if a crime of misappropriation of Rosario's objects has been committed, as they are yet to be returned. So far the estate agents, who did not warn of the eviction, have washed their hands of the events and have pointed to the court. The Public Prosecutor's Office of L'Hospitalet has also requested the nullity of the eviction and is now waiting for the corresponding court to decide whether to open criminal proceedings for the crime. The court may decide to open a case to investigate the matter or file it.

Rosario has been paying rent on her flat in L'Hospitalet for sixty years. In the eviction they took her notebook where she was writing her memoirs, her brothers' and brothers-in-law's wedding rings and photos of deceased relatives, among other personal belongings. Also missing were the microwave, crockery, clothes and many other objects belonging to the woman that are valued at over €20,000.