Society 16/09/2021

Police in Palma arrest 14 accused of offering money to minors in exchange for sex

Events date back to 2018 and 2019

ARA Balears
1 min
Agents of the National Police in an archive image.

PalmaOn Tuesday, Spanish National Police arrested 14 people between the ages of 21 and 65, accused of corrupting minors. According to the police investigation, most of the people arrested contacted minors to offer money in exchange for sex. So far, 13 underage victims have been located, but the case remains open.

The police operation has taken place in two phases. The first ended with three underage girls arrested in August, accused of a crime of corruption of minors because they were allegedly responsible for recruiting other minors to engage in prostitution.

The second phase culminated on Wednesday with the arrest of 14 adults, 10 men and 4 women. They stand accused of contacting minors through adult contact websites in order to sexually exploit them.

In addition, officers have taken statements as investigated 6 more men, also as alleged perpetrators of a crime of corruption of minors. The investigation remains open and new arrests have not been ruled out.