Covid Vaccination
Society 28/06/2021

People between the ages of 30 and 34 can now make an appointment to get covid vaccination

Those born between 1987 and 1991 will be given Pfizer or Moderna vaccines

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A boy receives the vaccine at one of the vaccination points.

BarcelonaFrom shortly before eight o'clock in the morning, people between 30 and 34 years old can already make an appointment to get vaccinated at the website enabled by the Health Department in one of fifty facilities across the territory. Those born between 1987 and 1991 can enter their data on the website and book a time, day and point of vaccination among those available. At the same time, primary care centres will also be sending text messages (SMS) so they can receive the first dose of vaccine. This group will be administered Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The system will inform the user of the drug to be administered at the time of the appointment.

Thus, the vaccination campaign continues to advance in Catalonia. In six months 6 million doses have been administered and with this rate of inoculations the Government maintains its initial forecasts and is confident that 70% of Catalans will have received their full schedule by early September, as reported this week by the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas. The Health Department's goal is, according to Cabezas, to vaccinate young people the sooner the better, because they are those who are becoming more infected. Of particular concern is the rapid increase in the number of infections among young people in Barcelona. In the Catalan capital, in just one month have doubled infections among people aged 15 to 29 years.

According to Cabezas, 19.2% of people who are between 30 and 39 years have already received at least the first dose of the vaccine, because they are key workers. The same goes for those between 20 and 29 years old - 13.2% are partially vaccinated - and minors who have a high-risk disease and have started vaccination (1.6%). Immunisation of those in quarantine has also gained momentum: 65.2% of the population aged 45-49 years and 48.2% of those aged 40-44 years have been vaccinated with the first dose. In other age groups, partial immunisation rate is well over 70%.

Even so, and as can be extracted from the latest vaccination data from the Ministry of Health published this Sunday, despite advances in vaccination at the state level there are still 4.5 million people over 30 years unvaccinated and just over 9.2 million in this age group who have only received the first dose. Thus, 13.7 million people in this age group throughout Spain still do not have the full guideline against the new variants of the virus, such as the delta variant.