What symptoms does the Delta variant of covid cause?

New strain presents itself as a "bad cold", according to study of new cases in the UK

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BarcelonaThe Delta variant of covid-19, which originated in India, is spreading through Europe at a good pace and the Catalan authorities estimate that in the coming weeks it will displace the Alpha variant, which originated in Kent. In fact, community transmission has already been detected and in two weeks it has doubled its incidence to stand right now above 20%, according to data from the Department of Health. The new strain is presented with a different symptomatology that makes infected people confuse it with a "bad cold" and do not go so quickly to medical services. This, added to the fact that it is twice as contagious, raises fears that it will soon become the predominant strain.

The Zoe Covid pandemic monitoring study in the United Kingdom has made an analysis of the new cases detected and points out that the loss of smell or taste, so distinctive of the coronavirus, is very residual in this new variant. The director of the study, Tim Spector, warns that, although vaccines do protect, its effectiveness has been reduced in the country with the new variant and, therefore, urges the population that has not yet received both doses to complete the schedule and calls to accelerate the campaign in younger age groups because they have more social interaction and are most at risk, today, of infection, although they are the least aware of danger.

Most common symptoms
  • Strange cough
  • Mucus
  • Sore throat
  • Headache