Society 26/06/2021

Farewell to face masks on the street - where will it still be necessary to wear them?

The Spanish government approves its removal in public spaces when there is a security distance

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Two young people taking off their masks Thursday in the centre of Barcelona.

MadridFrom today onwards you can walk down the street without a mask. This is the main novelty that brings the second de-escalation of the pandemic in the second summer of coronavirus. The Spanish government has agreed to amend Article 6 of the law of the new normality, approved last March 29th, which regulates the mandatory use of the mask, and will no longer have to wear it in outdoor spaces, provided that you can maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters. In enclosed spaces it will have to be worn. This is everything you need to know about the new use of masks:

Where will masks have to be worn?

In pharmacies, supermarkets and on public transport, it must still be worn

You can be on public roads without a mask, unless you cannot keep a safe distance from other people. If we walk side by side with our core of coexistence, we will also be able to do so without a mask. In multitudinous events such as open-air concerts, it will be necessary to protect yourself because you cannot keep your distance if you are standing up. On the other hand, if we are seated and the chairs are placed with the necessary distance from each other, we will be able to remove it.

As for enclosed spaces, the regulations do not change. Whenever we have to go to the supermarket, pharmacy, metro, bus and library, for example, we will have to wear the mask. That is why the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has reminded us that we have to carry it with us, although not always on. As for maritime transport, the travellers will be able to take off the mask when they are inside their cabin or in the external parts of the boat.

Do vaccinated people also have to wear it indoors?

In general, yes, but there are exceptions in nursing homes

Nursing homes will not always require the mask to be worn indoors. If the vaccination rates in these centres are above 80% with a full vaccination schedule, it will not be necessary to wear a mask. In this case, residents may go without a mask, but visitors and workers should always wear one. In dependencies of essential professionals in which there is also this rate of vaccination, such as firefighters, workers will not need to carry it.

One of the novelties that will arrive in the next few weeks is the return of the public to the football stadiums and the pavilions of the ACB basketball league. The use of the mask will follow the same rules: in enclosed spaces it will have to be worn, but in stadiums it will not be necessary if the safety distance can be maintained. Therefore, if the authorities responsible for defining the permitted capacity admit 100% of their capacity, fans will have to wear the mask if they have people next to them.

What are the sanctions?

There is no change: it can be a fine of up to 100 euros

There is no change regarding the sanctioning regime, and yes, failing to comply with the regulations regarding the mask can lead to a financial fine of up to 100 euros. "Failure to comply with the obligation to use the mask established in Article 6 will be considered a minor infringement and will be punished with a fine of up to 100 euros", says Article 31.2 of the aforementioned rule. We will have to see what is the final wording of the decree to be published in the Official State Gazette to know if you can also fine anyone who does not have a mask, even if it is not put on. Darias did not want to confirm this Wednesday, and this Thursday has not referred to it.