An outbreak of covid-19 among students who traveled to the Balearic Islands spreads through the Peninsula

The youngsters, from various communities, coincided in Mallorca and participated in different crowded events

Elena Navarro
1 min
Serological tests, like the one in the image in a cribatge in Argentina, allow to detect the antibodies of people who have already passed the coronavirus.

Several end-of-year student trips to Mallorca have caused outbreaks of coronavirus with hundreds of people infected in at least four autonomous communities: Madrid, Murcia, the Basque Country and the Valencian Country. According to the Regional Ministry of Health, the outbreaks occurred between 18 and 20 June and, for the moment, the Epidemiology Service has not identified any related cases. Even so, the investigation remains open and the Govern "maintains the usual vigilance".

The outbreak originated after the young people coincided in "different mass events", say sources of the Conselleria. For now, Madrid has confirmed 245 positives, Valencia, 32, Murcia, 18 and the Basque Country, 49. Most cases are of the British variant, but there have also been isolated cases of the Delta variant - originally from India, as reported by Europa Press. In the case of Euskadi, the Department of Health has already advanced that will screen 300 people.

"We are talking about a significant number of people who have been infected", explained the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, at the press conference after the extraordinary Council of Ministers. She assured that so far those affected have not had "any affection" and has linked the outbreak to the easing of restrictions. "They are young people and it has to do with the easing of restrictions", she said. And she added a "call for responsibility" in this group.

The Center for Coordination of Alerts and Health Emergencies (CCAES) has called a meeting this afternoon with the autonomous communities to study the case "and establish the measures they consider appropriate", said Darias.