Politics 15/06/2021

Swiss prosecutors locate an account linked to Juan Carlos I in Andorra

A Panamanian business allegedly controlled an account in Andbank active until 2016

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The king emeritus, Joan Carles I, in an archive image.

MadridMore problems for former king Juan Carlos I. The Swiss prosecutor's office has now located an account linked to the king emeritus in Andorra that was active until 2016, a fact that may call into question the two regularisations he made a few months ago. If it is detected that they are not complete, the courts could prosecute him. As published by El Confidencial , in the summary of the investigation that the prosecutor Yves Bertossa is carrying out in Geneva appears an account in Andbank that Juan Carlos I allegedly controlled through front men and a Panamanian company, Stream SA, closed on May 4.

A transaction in May 19, 2008 would be the key to this new branch to the former king's foreign fortune. There was a €150,000 transfer from an account belonging to the Zagatka Foundation - linked to the emeritus - in the Credit Suisse bank to Stream SA, but in the investigation there is an instruction by manager Arturo Fasana - considered one of the most prominent front men of the ex head of the State - that points to Andorra. Fasana ordered that the money had to be deposited in an account that the Panamanian company had in Andorra: the number AD79 0001 0000 4029 2980 0100 of Andbank. According to El Confidencial, the account was cancelled in 2016, shortly before the entry into force of an international agreement signed by Andorra through which the Principality undertook to share banking information of foreign persons with third countries.

We will have to see how this new information affects investigations the Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court has kept open for a year. There are three lines of inquiry led by prosecutor Juan Ignacio Campos and two regularisations Juan Carlos I has completed with the Treasury during this time, worth nearly €5m. The little that is known is that they are related to money he received from Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause and that the Zagatka foundation paid for chartered flights, but Andorra now opens a new front.

Villarejo's recordings

It is the first time that recent investigations into the emeritus's fortune associate his irregular activities with Andorra. However, former police superintendent José Manuel Villarejo's recordings had already brought this out to light: he explained the intelligence services had hidden ex Catalan president Jordi Pujol's accounts in Andorra so that the former king's accounts went unnoticed too. According Villarejo, Juan Carlos I would be but one of important state figures who had money in the Soleado account, linked to the Gürtel plot.

First step for the reform of crimes on freedom of expression in Spanish parliament

The Spanish Parliament has voted in favour of the bill to reform the crimes on freedom of expression in the Penal Code. Promoted by Unidas Podemos, it has received the endorsement of the PSOE and the sovereignist and left-wing formations of the lower house. The head of the ranks of En Comú in Madrid, Jaume Asens, has defended the proposal, which seeks to eliminate insults to the crown (art. 491), to the institutions of the State (art. 504), the offense to religious feelings (art. 525), the outrage to the symbols of Spain (art. 543) and the glorification of terrorism (art. 578).