Politics 11/01/2022

Spanish government does not include sedition reform in its 2022 agenda

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Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños.

MadridThe reform of the crime of sedition and the crime of insulting the Crown is not on the Spanish government's agenda for 2022. This has been confirmed by the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, in the presentation of the regulatory plan for the year approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers and which includes up to 368 regulatory proposals. In fact, in the absence of knowing the details of the plan, the Spanish government does not foresee any initiative specifically aimed at tackling the Catalan issue. In fact, it is still reluctant to set a date for the next round of dialogue with the Generalitat .

The reform of the Penal Code to eliminate the crime of sedition or lower the penalties it entails is a proposal that had been put on the table by Unidas Podemos with the aim of facilitating the return of exiles, but right now the Spanish government does not have the Catalan conflict among its priorities, at least in the legislative field. "The year 2022 it is very important for economic recovery," Bolaños has limited himself to saying when asked about the issue. "Our priority is to dignify every day the living conditions of our citizens," he insisted in the presentation of the regulatory plan for 2022. Nor is any reform affecting the monarchy foreseen.

The plan contains 368 proposals, of which 92 are laws (11 organic and 81 ordinary) and the rest, royal decrees. Among the projects mentioned by Bolaños which will be approved soon, the housing law, which aims to reduce rents; a law on equity in the health system to eliminate co-payment; one on social services to set minimum services in all regions; a law on science to guarantee a stable career for researchers; and one against racism and other forms of intolerance stand out. A law against human trafficking, which aims to lay the foundations for the abolition of prostitution, will also be taken to Parliament.

Controversy over Garzón's statements

On the controversy linked to statements made by Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón regarding the megafarms, the Minister Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has admitted that "they do not contribute" to the efforts of the government to help the livestock sector. Even so, the minister has downplayed the crisis between the two partners and has remarked that "government decisions are reflected in the BOE" rather than in statements made by one minister or another.