The Public Prosecutor's Office appeals against political prisoners open prison regime the day after the elections

It also demands that they return to a closed prison until the appeal is resolved

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The new political prisoners in the act of Òmnium of this afternoon

BarcelonaThe Generalitat moved the nine political prisoners to an open prison regime at the beginning of the electoral campaign and the Public Prosecutor's Office has just appealed against this measure today, the day straight after the elections. Two weeks have passed without news from the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has finally decided to present an appeal to the penitentiary surveillance courts, which are also being asked to suspend the open prison regime immediately until a definitive judicial decision is made.

The arguments are more or less the same as the Prosecutor's Office has been wielding so far. That is to say, it blames the Catalan Government directly for trying to "alter the condemnatory decision of the sentence and its effective fulfilment" and lists reasons why the prisoners should not be moved to an open prison regime: "The effective fulfilment of a little significant part of the sentences imposed (some had not even served a quarter); the seriousness of the crimes committed; the fact that most of them do not recognise the criminal commission and do not assume their responsibility; and the public manifestation of some of them of their willingness to do it again".

Taking into account that the treatment boards of the prisons proposed the semi-freedom when only a month had passed since its revocation by the Supreme Court and that the Generalitat validated the proposals a few weeks later, the Prosecutor's Office demands the prisoners immediate return to a closed prison.