New government structure: JxCat to lead Health, Economy and Foreign Affairs while ERC in charge of Home Affairs, Business and Education

Digital Policies and Territory will be united and European funds will be managed by Economy Dpt

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The vice-president of the Government and presidenciable of ERC, Pere Aragonès, last Thursday to the Parliament.

The last-minute agreement sealed this weekend between ERC and JxCat also defines the structure of the future Catalan administration and the distribution of portfolios. Both leaders explained the new organisation at a joint press conference at the Palau Robert: the Departments of Presidency, Home Affairs, Education, Business and Labour, Climate Action and Agriculture, Feminisms and Equality, and Culture will be in ERC's hands, while the Departments of Economy (including the management of European funds), Territory and Digital Policies (which will be merged), Health, External Action, Universities and Research, Justice and Social Rights will be led by JxCat.

This means the administration will have a total of 14 Departments - one more than up until now - will be distributed evenly between coalition partners, with seven apiece. Three new departments have been created, as ERC promised during the campaign, which has led to extensive restructuring of government departments, with several departments merging, such as Agriculture and Climate Action or Digital Policy and Territory. In addition, Social Rights has become its own separate Department independent from Labour, which has become part of the Business Department.

Aragonès has also committed to having the same number of male and female ministers.