The first and second forces of 14-F, street by street, in all Catalonia

The results of the Catalan elections by census sections, in interactive maps

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The PSC won the 14-F elections in votes and tied with ERC in seats. But in which municipalities did each force have more voters? And within these municipalities, how was the vote distributed by streets? In these interactive maps you can see which has been the first and second most voted party in each of the 5,083 census sections in which Catalonia has been divided for these elections.

Segunda fuerza

In the map of the first force, the PSC is the party that prevails in more census sections, followed by JxCat and ERC. On the other hand, ERC dominates the map of the second force, and is either first or second force in a large majority of census sections, ahead of PSC and JxCat.

For about forty census sections, concentrated in 7 municipalities, the census sections of the electoral results do not coincide with the census sections of the last official map available, so that the result cannot be faithfully represented.

This week the ARA already represented in two maps which were the forces that had been in first and second position in each county. With these two interactive maps you can see the detail of each street.