Margarita Robles justifies the spying: "What does a good man have to do when someone declares independence?"

"Vostè continues with the mantra of 60 and I don't know how many people spied on and investigated. It is very easy to say this without any evidentiary material, but, look, since you insist, I ask you: what does a good state have to do? What does a government have to do when someone violates the Constitution? When someone declares independence, when someone cuts the public roads and leads public disorder? When someone has relations with politicians of a country that is invading Ukraine? You have not said anything about this, you have not said anything and you are not saying anything. And when organizations such as the SEPE are plundered and workers are prevented from being paid? When there has also been looting of ministers' telephones? I have not heard him say anything. I have not read anything.

Do not allow yourself the luxury of attacking the magistrates of the Supreme Court. Man, be a little more humble, please".