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Madrid court jails ten convicted over assault of Generalitat delegation in Madrid in 2013

They will have to serve a two-year sentence for a crime of disorderly conduct

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One of the leaders of the National Democracy Youth, Pedro Chaparro (c), linked to the attack on the Blanquerna bookshop

BarcelonaThe 30th section of the Provincial Court of Madrid has decreed the imprisonment of the neo-Nazis who in 2013 assaulted the delegation of the Generalitat in Madrid. The second chamber of the Constitutional Court threw out the appeal for protection filed by the defence of one of the convicted, the secretary general of fascist party Democracia Nacional, Pedro Chaparro, "for lack of special constitutional significance", and this means they will have to start serving their two-year prison sentence for public disorder.

The Court will require that the convicted enter prison voluntarily (they have to collect the orders of voluntary entry from 25 to 29 November and then will have ten days to enter the prison of their choice).